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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Todrick Hall: Since U Been Conned

Megadouche Todrick Hall has drawn plenty of buzz this season. And a primary portion of that substantial intrigue is due to his surreptitious past involving a financial flop of a traveling musical, aptly and boringly titled Oz: The Musical. You can read the early exposé in great detail by clicking the above link, @ VoteForTheWorst.

Now, further statements have surfaced through a source I've been in contact with, who wishes to remain anonymous. All I can say is that he is a former cast member, involved in Todrick's musical debacle (though NOT in the scamming itself). And Todtards, he's not a kid/parent out for revenge either.

Being that I only began blogging this year, it didn't feel suitable to just post it here, where it wouldn't get much notice and would be dubious to some. So instead, I've decided to forward the statement to my Idol blogging deity, TopIdol, who will initiate the appropriate level of attention.

Whatever it takes to crush his dreams the way he crushed dozens of kids' works for me. I feel so judicial! Be sure to click here (no link currently) to examine her post for yourself, chock full of zingers.