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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Eternal Sunshine of the Blogness Mind

Welcome to The ePEZ Dispenser, my new plan to hijack the web. I loved my older blog, The Awards Greenhouse, but it lost momentum AND I felt that the scope of the site was much too narrow. Certain topics would seem quite out of place there, whereas this locale encompasses all aspects of pop culture. Jolly good fun!

What you can expect from this blog is a cacophony of various realms of entertainment that pique my interest, ranging from the oft-twatwafflish Oscar season (I'm somewhat of a prognosticating whore) to the deplorably intriguing karaoke backwash of American Idol (I tend to dig the quirky underdogs, while maintaining "worster" tendencies in my analysis); from the dirge of sifting through various degrees of suck in seeking pleasurable entertainment (films and TV--I can be ruthlessly dismissive) to my constant quest for intriguing but all the while enjoyable audible bliss (British indie music snob, hollaaaaa).

And through it all, I'll generally be as snarky as possible without veering into absurdity. (Irreverence, on the other hand, is a main motivator.) Hopefully, you'll find a fresh perspective and unique takes here, that'll delight you into stopping by frequently. I love comments and feedback, especially if it inspires banter, so by all means, speak up! Even if we spar, it'll usually be in a satirical way. Laughter and jubilance are my Energizer battery. You needn't be intimidated--even if I can be a bit of a cuntflap now and then....

Oh, and the post titles? They will always parody a film, show, song, or perhaps popular idiom of some sort. Hell, wager a guess with each one in the comments section. Just something extra to add a little flavorful glaze to each entry....Oy vey. I hope I don't run the gamut of recognizable options.

Well, with all that said....Let's see if I keep up with this shizzle!

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